In Praise of Elder Dogs

This blog is created in celebration of the elder dogs, of any breed, who've touched our hearts. You are invited to add your own reflections, or, if you wish, track the progress of your own elder dogs. ("Elder," BTW, is defined here as 10 years or more, except in breeds known for shorter lifespans, such as the Great Dane.) Send your stories and photos to me at branta(at)

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I've been privileged to share my life with five unforgettable Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. This blog was inspired by Cooper, my first, whose indominatable bright spirit triumphed over his limitations. Every day of his life, till the very end, he woke joyously, happy to greet the day. I would wish the same for all of us!

Monday, January 16, 2006


HERE'S MY KEEPER. He came to me as a rescue (thanks, Barb!) when he was estimated to be 13. He lived for another 364 days before he died of lymphoma. Keeper had just about every problem possible...he was deaf, blind in one eye, allergic to everything in the world, very unsteady legs, yada, yada. He was SO sweet, affectionate and gentle...never asked for anything except to be warm and held close. He was one-in-a-million and I'm grateful for each and every day he was with us. -- Winnie C.

If you have (or had) an elder dog you'd like to honor, send a photo and we'll post it (and your story) here.


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